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Henna Candle creations came into existence when I needed to escape the pressures of everyday routine. For me, a blank white candle acted like a blank canvas, where I could draw something beautiful and decorate it. Just this simple activity felt therapeutic. This is where I could be myself.

Being myself means I want to create, innovate and share that with people as a gesture of love, and so I began talking to family, friends, colleagues and neighbours about it. I realized that I needed to be inspired by a person’s story, this made me personalize a candle for them. This was no longer about just a candle with a drawing on it, this was about people’s story on a candle. My personal connection with that individual. The candles without an individual story are all inspired by my current thought on that particular day.

In a way, this bought me closer to people as I uncovered their stories and these individuals became a fan of Kami K Candles. Here are some of these beautiful stories.

  • Magical Owl
    A young Indian immigrant, whose story is much like every other immigrant’s. The struggle is real. Cultural differences, weather, language, and accent are the everyday battles that one has to deal with a new city, a new life. This wonderful going to a new working environment with a smile on his face is longing to marry his high school sweetheart waiting for him in India. An Owl has been a symbol of magic and wisdom. Magic to remind him what is unknown will feel magical one day and wisdom that will get him through each day with positivity.
  • Personalized